Our Services - Combining Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering
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Campus Planning & Design

By means of thorough analysis and progressive intent, Koons Environmental Design, Inc. has prepared campus-wide landscape master plans and facilitated campus site improvements for universities throughout the state of Georgia.

Most recently we completed a Landscape Master Plan for North Georgia College & State University. The final document presents a Plan where proposed buildings are integrated into the landscape spaces they create, shape, or influence. Other major elements within the landscape, such as vehicular and pedestrian circulation systems, and even minor elements such as site furnishings, also help to define, organize, and emphasize the campus landscape and are included as components of this Plan.

Park and Recreation Facility Planning & Design

A broad range of project types exist within the world of park & recreation. Koons Environmental Design, Inc. has experience preparing design documents that include sports fields, path systems, vehicular circulation, stormwater detention, wildlife habitats, visitor facilities and interpretive signage. Environmental and historic factors play a large role in our park and recreation designs for it is our belief that designated green space should accommodate valuable natural resources and historic structures for future generations to enjoy.


Community Planning & Design

The realm of community planning presents the opportunity to incorporate a variety of components, such as land use planning and planting design, into a single site design. Projects that Koons Environmental Design, Inc. has been involved with in recent years promote pedestrian scale design and incorporate public open space to facilitate community gatherings. Additionally, the projects incorporate commercial space, lofts, townhouses, accessory dwelling units and apartment flats. In one project, Koons Environmental Design, Inc. engineered an intricate stormwater management system that not only incorporated vegetative filtration to improve runoff quality, but also promoted stormwater infiltration which helped to decrease the amount of runoff and recharge the groundwater supply. This innovative system required less land area than a conventional detention basin which allowed the developer to incorporate six additional units into the total site density.

The community planning projects Koons Environmental Design, Inc. has been involved with have resulted in new design standards for community developments in the region.

Site Development

As a multi-disciplinary design firm, Koons Environmental Design, Inc. takes pride in the ability to integrate site engineering into project design. We routinely address site utilities, such as sanitary sewer and electrical lines, their potential conflicts, and suitable solutions into our designs.

With regards to stormwater mitigation, Koons Environmental Design, Inc. aspires to incorporate a variety of cutting edge strategies, revelatory when a project program supports an open system.

We consider a project to be a successful one when a symbiotic relationship between all elements of the site design is achieved.

site planning
Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning

We believe that responsible land use planning requires a balance between social, economic, and environmental factors. We therefore prepare plans that designate land uses based on community & land owner meetings, real estate assessments and environmental reports to name a few.

Koons Environmental Design, Inc’s knowledge of local zoning regulations facilitates the land use planning and permitting process.

Residential Design

At Koons Environmental Design, Inc. we work hard to create unique and distinguished landscapes for our residential clients.

From stream bank revitalization to parking courts and from rain gardens to swimming pools, we have experience taking residential projects from schematic design through to permitting and construction.

Residential Design