UGA Tate Center Central Quad - Koons Environmental Design
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  • UGA Tate Center Central Quad

UGA Tate Center Central Quad

Koons Environmental Design, Inc. has a long history working with the University of Georgia. This particular project offered the prospect to create a large central open space within a particularly prevalent part of campus.

The site is the meeting point between North and South campus and is surrounded by various academic buildings, two student union buildings and is anchored by the ever popular football stadium. The site is therefore a hub of student life and serves as a union between the two campus halves.

The final vision foremost provides efficient pedestrian circulation for this very populated part of the campus. Secondly, it employs elements of traditional campus organization and planting design found in the older North campus.

The final design therefore presents a central green space with elements of a traditional pedestrian oriented mall and serves as a gateway to active student life.

Campus Planning & Design