UGA D.W. Brooks Pedestrian Mall - Koons Environmental Design
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  • D.W. Brooks Pedestrian Mall

UGA D.W. Brooks Pedestrian Mall

Koons Environmental Design, Inc. was asked to refine the fourth phase of the D.W. Brooks Pedestrian Mall as envisioned in the current University of Georgia Master Plan. The basis of the mall design is to emulate the axial park-like feeling of the original North Campus in the newer South Campus by removing intra-campus roadways and parking lots and replacing them with new structures and centralized landscape features.

This final phase of the D.W. Brooks Pedestrian Mall proposes an extension of the double walk found in lower sections of the mall. The new walk begins at the recently completed phase three construction and terminates in a grand ellipse of open green space in front of Connor Hall. East of Connor Hall are formal walled gardens that speak to historic agricultural trial gardens located on the same spot.

Nearby stormwater reclamation ponds capture and treat the surface runoff from the surrounding hardscape and building roofs. Treated water will be pumped to an irrigation storage tank below the proposed wildflower meadow.

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