Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm - Koons Environmental Design
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Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm

Lying on 152 acres in Northeast Georgia, The Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm functions as an educational and interpretive facility. First developed in 1802, the farm produces a variety of crops and livestock that included, among others, mules, pigs, cotton, tobacco, and corn. Today nearly all of the farm buildings still stand and serve as an outdoor, agricultural museum.

Koons Environmental Design, Inc. was honored to lead a team of local artists and historians to develop, produce and install an improved interpretive program for The Farm. The collaboration among the various team members and the Farm foundation generated exclusive line drawings, a unique logo, one of a kind signage, an elegant new website, and an interactive iPhone tour, all of which are historically faithful to the Farm’s style.

For more information go to the Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm website at

 Photo courtesy Jason Thrasher Photography
Park & Recreation Facility