Pittard Park - Koons Environmental Design
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  • Pittard Park Pathway
  • Pittard Park
  • Pittard Park Natural Playground
  • Pittard Park Playground and Pavilion
  • Pittard Park Playground
  • Pittard Park Community Garden

Pittard Park

Koons Environmental Design, Inc. completed a Master Plan for Pittard Park in 2015. The Master Plan provided a cohesive and comprehensive plan of the proposed improvements to the existing park and its facilities and identified opportunities for new site development and construction.

Throughout the master planning process KED reflected on citizen suggestions both when cultivating a new program for the park and translating the program into a unified park master plan. Some site elements incorporated into the organized plan as a result of the community driven planning method consist of improved vehicular and pedestrian access, vegetable garden plots, an expanded children’s play area that includes a nature play zone, additional picnic pavilions, a ropes challenge course, and nature trails.

The park improvements were implemented in four phases over the course of approximately two years, with the final phase completed at the end of 2016.

One highlight of the project was the opportunity for KED to work with local artists to create custom signage across the site, including the intricate overhead sign at the main park entrance and iron and steel interpretive displays in the wildlife habitat gardens.

Park & Recreation Facility