Performing and Visual Arts Center Quad - Koons Environmental Design
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  • Performing and Visual Arts Center Quad

Performing and Visual Arts Center Quad

The re-design of the Performing and Visual Arts Center Quad (PVAC) occurred in response to the expansion of the Georgia Museum of Art and the construction of a new parking deck to serve the growing number of art buildings & art enthusiasts on campus.

In addition to improving fire safety and pedestrian access to the surrounding buildings, the design of the new Quad establishes a central platform for artistic endeavors.

The project also includes fire safety and pedestrian access in line with the main entrance to the new Lamar Dodd School of Art building. Adjacent to the new walk are lush plantings, some of which surround an elliptical verdant lawn. Overall the design elements reflect a new landscape style on the University of Georgia campus, one that involves clean lines & clear geometry, large masses of native & drought tolerant plantings, and local stone walls and paving.

The resulting design provides efficient circulation and appealing landscape features in liking with the campus art community.


Photo courtesy Ben Liverman
Campus Planning & Design