North Georgia College & State University - Koons Environmental Design
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North Georgia College & State University

The project consisted of the preparation of a campus wide Landscape Master Plan for North Georgia College & State University that developed consensus objectives and framework guidelines for the enhancement of the campus environment. Through a series of meetings with key individuals and focus groups at the University, Koons Environmental Design, Inc. prepared a precise set of goals and objectives that defined the College’s interests in shaping the landscape and creating a sense of place.

An inventory and analysis reviewed existing campus conditions, developed additional spatial data through observation of existing conditions, identified functional problems, and denoted aesthetic and environmental strengths and weaknesses.

Following the campus wide inventory and analysis, Koons Environmental Design, Inc. prepared design standards and guidelines that addressed a variety of topics, such as gateways, circulation, open space, planting and stormwater management. Studies of campus precincts included conceptual plans for each of the precinct zones.

Each plan indicated application of the proposed design guidelines and served as the basis for decision-making with respect to future campus improvements. The end product is a user-friendly, accessible document providing information to consultants and staff to guide decision-making for planning, design, and construction of new facilities within, or affected by, the campus landscape.

Campus Planning & Design