Community Planning & Design

The realm of community planning presents the opportunity to incorporate a variety of components, such as land use planning and planting design, into a single site design. Projects that Koons Environmental Design, Inc. has been involved with in recent years promote pedestrian scale design and incorporate public open space to facilitate community gatherings. Additionally, the projects incorporate commercial space, lofts, townhouses, accessory dwelling units and apartment flats. In one project, Koons Environmental Design, Inc. engineered an intricate stormwater management system that not only incorporated vegetative filtration to improve runoff quality, but also promoted stormwater infiltration which helped to decrease the amount of runoff and recharge the groundwater supply. This innovative system required less land area than a conventional detention basin which allowed the developer to incorporate six additional units into the total site density.

The community planning projects Koons Environmental Design, Inc. has been involved with have resulted in new design standards for community developments in the region.